Book Ranking

Here’s a table of all vampire novels I’ve reviewed thus far ranked from best to worse according to the CROWS score.

I’ve also added the individual scores for every category, just to give you a better idea of why I scored them the way I did and to give you some guidance on which you might personally prefer. Click on the titles to get the full review.

Since so many titles have built up since I started reviewing, I think I need to separate them into three categories. They are:

Full of Life Yet (50 – 36 drops)

Anemic (35 – 20 drops)

Truly Dead (19 drops or less)


2 thoughts on “Book Ranking

  1. manny gantee says:

    Let me know if you ever pick up Bram Stoker’s piece. It’s a little thick, but pretty decent. I’ve never read *Interview w/ a Vampire,* but would be curious to see how you think *Dracula* stacks up to it. Keep writing/reading!

    Liked by 1 person

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