Time to get back to the good stuff…

I need to get the bad taste of ChosenĀ out of my mouth and what better way to do it than to dive back into Morganville.

It did just the trick. There’s some interesting new characters, the old characters get some nice development, the world of Morganville is expanded and the threat of murderers and a terrible vampire disease feels very real. Shame Captain Obvious had to show up.

That’s the short version. Here’s the long version.



…and back to my least favourites.

Christmas is gaining on me and I need to free up some book shelf space so time to review some books I’ve been putting off.

Boy, am I glad this review is over with. The whole book is stuffed with too much fluff and the story feels extremely loose, not focusing on anything meaningful and not even resolving all of the major problems. The focus is solely on Zoey’s trainwreck of a love life and it drove me absolutely up the wall, as did Zoey in general.

That’s the short version. Here’s the long version.

Back to one of my ultimate favourites…

I assure you, the fact that this is published on Remembrance Sunday is entirely coincidental.

The Bloody Red Baron returns us to the world of Anno Dracula where, despite Dracula’s best efforts, the timeline has settled back down to normal. Well, as normal as it was during the last year of WW1. Kate Reed and Edwin Winthrop take the reins, along with the surprise edition of Edgar Poe (he doesn’t use Allen anymore), and we’re taken on a muddy, bloody, mad ride through the trenches, across No-Man’s-Land and into the skies in a war-torn world where not even being a vampire can give you much of an edge. It’s a bleak, dreary environment but that doesn’t make the world building or the characters any less fascinating.

That’s the short version. Here’s the long version.

…and not the best vampire novel, full stop.

I picked this up in a second hand bookshop and, when I found out the premise, I had high hopes. I enjoyed it the first time round but, when I read it for a second time from a critical viewpoint, I found myself hating it. The potential was wasted, originality was non-existent and the male vampire lead made me want to scream, “URGH!”

That’s the short version. Here’s the long verson.

Not the best entry in the Southern Vampire Mysteries…

After Sookie coming into her own in the last book, Dead as a Doornail was quite a disappointment. She goes back to being the author’s punch bag, the villains aren’t at all interesting and the overcrowded list of Sookie’s suitors is starting to get on my nerves! At least, it has an okay ending.

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A bit more Sookie Stackhouse

I like Sookie a lot in this book. What I don’t like so much is the battling plotlines making the story rather tangled, the waste of an antagonist and the amnesiac Eric. At least, we get introduced to some new ‘supes’ and a whole community of new shifters.

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…and back to Bon Temps again!

Club Dead is a rather disappointing entry and a rather disappointing book. I’m disappointed in the lack of world-building, that the romance that should have happened didn’t happen and that the book centred around yet another missing person plotline.

That’s the short version. Here’s the long version.

Back to Morganville for a moment…

Thought I’d better intersperse my Southern Vampire Mysteries review with some other reviews before they take over.

Yep, this book is as interesting as I remember it but I don’t remember Morganville being as horrible in this one. Or, maybe, that’s because there are actually a few nice characters in this story, making the nasty ones look much worse by comparison. Or, the fact that the romantic-biting and hero-vampire-slayer tropes are so thoroughly deconstructed. Yes, the injustice makes you want to scream but the world building is still top-notch and the tension is heating up.

That’s the short version. Here’s the long version.

More Sookie Stackhouse!

More from the True Blood omnibus from my library. I’ll just be going through the Southern Vampire Mysteries for the near future so I hope you like them.

I certainly liked this one. A change of scenery meant more world building, including the expansion of ‘supes’ to include the usual cast of supernatural beasts and a few obscure ones. Which is worth quite a few points in my book. We also encounter what will probably be one of the big bads of the whole series: the Fellowship of the Sun, a psycho-Christian vampire-hating group that leave a very disturbing impression on the reader.

That’s the short version. He’s the long version.

…and another one!

I picked up the True Blood Omnibus at my local library. It was a lucky find as I could now review the first three Southern Vampire Mysteries for free.

The novel series starts rather slow but the world building is still excellent. The parallel between fictional discrimination against vampires and real world discrimination against LGBT+ people is very well portrayed. Sookie and Bill have yet to grow on me at this point and the story can feel a bit slow but, for a first novel, it’s a good way to dip your toes into Bon Temps for the first time.

That’s the short version. Here’s the long version.