SixforSundays – 2nd June 2019

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2nd June 2019 – Books I want to be written

  1. A sequel to Dread Nation – I know it’s in progress but I want it now!
  2. Another Winternight book – More of Vasya and Solovey, please!
  3. More of the Ingo Chronicles – RIP, Helen Dunmore
  4. A decent YA vampire book – Wish good vampire books weren’t just relegated to the adult section.
  5. The Winds of Winter – Just get it done, George R R Martin! I don’t want to be stuck with the show!
  6. More Montague sibling books – Must read A Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy

2 Comments Add yours

  1. haha yes to winds of winter! And I love the winternight series 😀

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  2. I adore the Winternight series and Martin has better get a shift on soon. There’s no way TWOW can live up to the hype as it is


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