SixforSunday -3rd March 2019

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3rd March 2019 – Favourite Author

For this one, it’s got to be JK Rowling. Cliche, I know, but where would I be without Harry Potter? So, thank you, JK, for…

  1. Being an inspiration – she is the ultimate rags-to-riches success story, inspiring to push on despite rejection and mental health issues.
  2. Getting me into reading – thanks to terrible teachers putting me off books, I didn’t read much at all. Then, I finally read them for fun and I never looked back!
  3. Bringing my family together – Mum and my brother loved the books before I did (the shame!) and Mum would gather us together and read it aloud to us. She was pretty good at reading aloud too.
  4. Introducing me to fanfiction – like a lot of fanfic writers, HP was my gateway fandom. My fanfics were awful but they gave me the confidence and motivation to write every day and put it out for general criticism.
  5. Getting me through a very tough time – the immediate aftermath of having my eyes lazered were hell. I couldn’t do anything but sit in bed, my eyes screaming in pain. Listening to the amazing audiobooks (Stephen Fry is incredible) back to back was what got me through it.
  6. Just creating an amazing world with brilliant characters – let’s just forget anything post Hallows happed.

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